Pet Nail Clippers With Light 💡 & 5X Magnification 🔍

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Item Type: Nailclippers
Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic

What's The Worst Thing About Cutting Your Cats Nails?

Of Course Accidentally Cutting Through The "Quick" (Blood Vessel) Inside The Claw.

The Pet Nail Clippers With Light & 5X Magnification Allow You To See Each Nail Extremely Clearly. No More Stress About Cutting Your Cat's Nails!


🐱 Super Bright Built-In LED Light - Illuminates The Nail's Delicate Blood Line, So You Trim In The Right Spot Every Time!

🐱 Razor Sharp, Precise Blades For Fast And Professional Results.

🐱 5X Magnification To Clearly See Every Detail, Including The Blood

 🐱 No More Scary, Painful Nail Trimmers!

>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<